Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the phone number to reach the Empire Pass Master Owners Association office?
A:  The Empire Pass MOA office number is 435-333-3700.

Q:  What do my Empire Pass MOA annual assessment dues pay for?
A:  The Empire Pass MOA annual assessment is due January 1st of each year and covers snow removal on Empire Pass roads to include maintenance of the roads, maintenance crews and equipment, the Dial a Ride service, common area landscaping and private security patrols.

Q:  Where do I send my Empire Pass MOA annual assessment payments?
A:  PO Box 99, Kamas, UT 84036

Q:  Can I pay my Empire Pass MOA dues by credit card?
A:  Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card.  Call our MOA Accountant at 435-333-3700 to make a payment.  

Q:  My payment is set up for automatic quarterly payment. Why did the Empire Pass MOA send me an invoice?
A:  If you are paying quarterly that bill is most likely the payment for your Talisker Club membership.   The Empire Pass MOA only invoices once a year.

Q:  I receive multiple bills for my home in Empire Pass.  What is the difference?
A:  You may receive up to three different invoices from separate entities while owning in Empire Pass.  The first is from the Empire Pass MOA, the second from Talisker Club for your Club membership and the third is from a sub-association if you own in a building or townhome.

Q:  What are the Empire Express hours of operation?
A:  During the winter season from mid December to mid April, Dial-a-Ride is in operation from 7am-midnight every day.  During the summer season from the end of June until after Labor Day weekend, Dial-a-Ride is in operation from 7am-midnight every day.  In the off season the service operates from 8am-10pm.

Q:  We have friends staying in Park City. Can Empire Express pick up our friends in Park City and bring them to our home in Empire Pass?
A:  Empire Express is only for owners and their overnight guests staying in Empire Pass.

Q:  Will Expire Express wait for us while we run into grab a few things at the grocery store or any other store?
A:  During the winter and summer seasons the service is very busy and will not wait for any passenger going in and out of a location.  If you need to travel to different locations you will need to schedule each location pick up separately.

Q:  Will Expire Express wait for everyone in my party if a few people are running late?
A:  In order to keep the vehicles moving to their destinations we request everyone in your party be ready when you call for service.  The drivers will only wait 5 minutes.