Empire Pass Design Guidelines

The Empire Pass Design Guidelines were created to ensure that all improvements at Empire Pass preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding mountain landscape and contribute to the cohesive architectural style. The Design Guidelines explain the architectural aesthetics and site conditions that are to guide the design and construction of all new buildings, building additions, site work, and landscaping within Empire Pass.

Separate guideline documents (Books I, II and III) exist for each building type; Custom Home, Condominium Lodge and Townhouse/Cluster Home. In addition, a separate guideline document (Book IV) exists to establish and explain the construction process, organization of the Design Review Board, and the design review process. All four documents are collectively referred to as the Design Guidelines.


  Empire Pass – Book 1 – Custom Homes

  Empire Pass – Book 2 – Townhouses & Cluster Homes

  Empire Pass – Book 3 – Condominium Lodges

  Empire Pass – Book 4 – All Building Types