Design Review Board

The original vision for the Empire Pass community was an all-season mountain village set in the beautiful Wasatch mountain range adjacent to Park City and Deer Valley Resort.  The Empire Pass Design Review Board, or DRB, is responsible for overseeing this vision through The Empire Pass Design Approach. This approach is characterized and inspired by the beauty of the natural environment surrounding Empire Pass. The three main objectives below are intended to ensure all residences and improvements are designed in harmony with the goals of the overall design approach within Empire Pass.

  • Architecture and site planning is to preserve and build upon the natural setting.
  • Building and landscape design are to emphasize and reinforce the community-wide circulation system that links and interconnects neighborhoods within Empire Pass as well as the outlying Park City area.
  • Natural building materials, consistent with the resources available in the surrounding area and region, are to be utilized in authentic ways using traditional building techniques.

The Guidelines call out the specific process that the DRB is to follow to review and approve all projects meeting the following criteria:

  • New Construction: Construction of a new, freestanding structure, whether as a residence, accessory building, or landscape structure.
  • Alterations, additions or rehabilitation of an existing structure: Any new construction or rehabilitation to an existing building or landscape structure that alters the original massing, exterior finishes, window placement, roof design, exterior lighting visible from off-site and/or other significant design elements.
  • Major site and/or Landscaping Improvements: Any major improvement or changes to improvements, including, but not limited to, grading, planting and re-vegetation plans, tree removal, irrigation, swimming pools, driveways, fencing and/or drainage, that alter the existing landscape.

The DRB evaluates all development proposals on the basis of the Empire Pass Design Guidelines.