Red Cloud Home Owners Association Responsibilities

The Red Cloud Subdivision is subject to the covenants, conditions, easements, uses, limitations, and obligations set forth in the Red Cloud Declarations. These Declarations outline the rights, powers, responsibilities and functions the Red Cloud HOA has and enacts for the benefit of all homeowners.

The Red Cloud HOA has the following powers, duties, and responsibilities as granted in the Declarations:

  • Administration of the Red Cloud association
  • Preparing and administrating an operational budget
  • Preparing and administrating an adequate reserve fund
  • Scheduling and conducting meeting of owners
  • Collecting and enforcing the assessments and fees from the owners
  • Accounting functions and maintaining records
  • Promulgating and enforcement of covenants, rules and regulations
  • Causing the association areas to be maintained
  • Entering into contracts, deeds, leases, and/or other legal agreements
  • Opening bank accounts on behalf of the Red Cloud Association
  • Bringing, prosecuting, and settling litigation
  • Owning, purchasing or leasing, holding and selling or otherwise disposing of real and personal property
  • Purchasing and maintaining insurance
  • Any acts necessary to maintain and repair any portion of the Red Cloud Subdivision if necessary to protect and preserve the Red Cloud Subdivision
  • Any other acts necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Red Cloud Association
  • All other duties imposed upon the Red Cloud Board pursuant to the Declarations