Empire Express Rules and Guidelines 

The Empire Express service provides on demand shared ride transportation that operates within Park City limits, including Quinn’s Junction hospital/recreation complex area.  Empire Express  does not provide service to the Canyons Resort, Kimball Junction, Silver Springs, Tanger Outlets, Home Depot, the Outpost, Tuhaye, The Colony and Deer Crest.  For service please call 435-222-0454.

  • During Sundance Empire Express will not pick up or drop off on Main Street due to the amount of traffic and wait times encountered on Main Street. Drivers will pick up and drop off on Swede Alley.
  • In order to better serve all Empire Pass owners, please have everyone in your group ready to go when you call. Drivers are permitted to wait only 5 minutes. If your party exceeds the 5 minute wait period and the driver leaves, your party will need to schedule a new pick up.
  • During peak times and unforeseen conditions, there may be extended wait times up to 1.5 hour due to increased user numbers or road/weather conditions. Dispatchers will make every effort to avoid any inconveniences to owners.
  • Due to the scheduling needs, please be aware that vehicles may be used for more than one party at a time and other owners/guests may be in the vehicle with you.
  • Friends/guests/relatives of owners who are NOT staying in Empire Pass are not permitted to use Empire Express.
  • Owners having dinner parties at their unit should have their guests provide their own transportation to their home if guests are not staying in Empire Pass.
  • If you have spoken with dispatch and are waiting for a vehicle, please do not call back within the expected wait period. Excessive calling back disrupts dispatch and increases call wait times.
  • Please note that during peak season additional vehicles added may be either vans or suburbans. Each additional vehicle will have an Empire Pass logo on the vehicle and we ask that you please keep this in mind when waiting for transport.
  • During busy times, drivers will not be able to accommodate multiple stops. Please do not ask drivers to do so.
  • During peak times, drivers are not permitted to wait for passengers going in and out of any location.
  • Overnight guests of an Empire Pass owner must confirm the owner name and unit number with dispatch before being allowed transportation. Overnight guests of owners in Empire Pass may use Dial-a-Ride while visiting and do not need to be accompanied by the owners.
  • Renters of Empire Pass properties may use the Empire Express only during the time they are renting a specific Empire Pass unit. Renters should be informed by unit owners that during peak times wait times may increase.
  • Owners that rent out their unit in Empire Pass and are staying in a different location outside of Empire Pass may not use the service.
  • Unaccompanied minors under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride without an accompanying adult.
  • This service has a no tipping policy.
  • It is the responsibility of each owner to educate their guests, renters etc. on the rules of usage.
  • Montage owners and guests are not permitted to use service.